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#2 - Lebron James

Second on our list is the king, Lebron James. 

Moments of 2018

  • Lebron SINGLE HANDEDLY carried the Cavs to the NBA finals in 2018. Though they unfortunately got swept by Golden State, but this was to be expected. With the team Lebron had around him it was against all odds to get to the finals in the first place. This year more than others, he really showed the value he holds as an individual in a team game. Legend. 
  • Lebron also made the news with his transfer from the Cavs to the Lakers. Can you blame him? At the point that I am writing this article (Dec 2nd, 2018), the Cavs are in last place in Eastern Conference. Considering they finished 2nd overall last year, that is a huge decline. Again this shows the dominance Lebron has in the league. LA is currently sitting 5th in the Western Conference.